Parlux Alyon Dryer - Red

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This is a new version of the ALYON. It's the same as the previous version but comes with an antibacterial coating. They are painted with a special certified antimicrobial treatment*, enriched with silver powder, which creates an unfavorable surface for the proliferation of micro-organisms and maintains hygiene during use.

*Antimicrobial treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of this current health emergency.

 Parlux ALYON® is the new preference for professional hairdryers, designed to offer professionals the maximum in terms of performance, light weight, long life and usage without limiting in any way the creativity of the hairdresser.

- Four Temperature Settings, Two speeds, Two nozzles of different sizes and cold air button

 - Ergonomic design- Ultra-light weight, well balanced and very light (weighing in at 1lb)

- New K-ADVANCE PLUS® motor guarantees 3,000 hours and has an air flow rate of 84 cubic meters / hour.

- Power of 2,250 Watts, with optimization of the heating areas for an even more uniform dispensed temperature.

 - “AIR IONIZER TECH", the exclusive ionizer system has been measured to optimize the emission of negative ions eliminating static electricity, making the hair softer and shinier while speeding up drying time.

 - HFS-Hair Free System retains and collects the hair, keeping the appliance cleaner, thus preserving its efficiency and operation through time

ECO-FRIENDLY PHILOSOPHY - recyclable raw materials and packaging, low noise pollution, no harmful emissions and super-fast drying for energy savings