Hair Fcker

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Independent hairdressing label HairFcker was founded in 2010 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

We are:

- Hair salon with more than 50 employees on the 3800 sq ft in the beautiful historical building that makes us one of the largest salon in Europe.

- Beauty School with our own education method

- Emotional Hairdressing

- Photo & video Production where we created thousands of photoshoots and hundreds of videos that featured in international magazines and deserved 5 Hairbrained Video Awards in New York

- Exhibition Dirty Art Hairdressing represented in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Saint-Petersburg

- in 2021 we opened HairFcker Design Lab in Los Angeles where we create new hair techniques, cosmetics and art objects Founders of project Kirill Sarychev and Maria Klass took a part in dozens of beauty and business conferences, art performances all over the world. Our mission is providing creative beauty and bring hairdressing to a new level.

And yes - we do the magic!

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