We are excited to announce our 2023 Mullet of the Year contest with United by Short Hair/@unitedbyshorthair. If you follow Elevate Hair or United by Short Hair, you'll know mullets have been having their moment for quite some time now; they aren't going out of style anytime soon. After several years of dedicating Monday posts to #mulletmonday we decided it was time to crown a winner for the Mullet of the Year. 


What is it?

A two-week Instagram contest looking for the best Mullet of the year! Starting October 16th and ending October 30th. 

How to enter?

It's easy! Upload a photo carousel or reel to Instagram of your mullet creation, or add #moty2023 to any of your mullet posts from this year. Make sure you're following @elevatehair & @unitedbyshorthair too. Multiple entries are accepted!

What's the prize?

We will select ten nominees on November 15th; 1 lucky winner of these ten will be crowned Mullet of the Year live on January 21st at Toulouse Theater during the Elevate New Orleans show. The grand prize winner will receive the MOTY Trophy and mystery prizes from United by Short Hair and Elevate Hair. 

What is a mullet? 

It can be confusing. With so many terms for haircuts that all look the same, it may feel challenging to define a "mullet." But we're keeping it simple. If there is a little business in the front party in the back, it's a mullet. Shags, jellyfish cut, princess cut, hime cut, wolf cut, and anything in between qualifies as a mullet in our eyes. 

We are beyond excited about our partnership with United by Short Hair on the quest for the 2023 Mullet of the Year! LETS SEE THOSE MULLETS.

Check out the full Mullet of the Year Instagram post here.

Written by Savannah Nethken

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