The 2024 Met Gala wasn't just about the breathtaking gowns that reawakened fashion history. This year's "Sleeping Beauties" theme, with its "Garden of Time" dress code, also spilled over into the men's looks. From classic cuts with a twist to daring, avant-garde styles, the gents on the red carpet brought their mane game. So, fellas, put down the razors and grab your combs because we're diving into the best men's hairstyles from the 2024 Met Gala that will inspire your next haircut.



Met Gala rookie Chris Hemsworth, looking every bit the Aussie beach god alongside his wife Elsa Pataky, stole the show with his effortless mane. That tousled, sun-kissed hair practically screams "Garden of Time," perfectly complementing Elsa's golden goddess vibes. Who needs a stylist when you've got that kind of natural volume? Forget the skin routine, we all want the secret to Hemsworth's hair whisperer!



Bad Bunny, ever the theatrical trendsetter, opted for a headpiece that stole the show. His oversized beret, crafted from a bold blue foam, wasn't your average baker boy hat. It added a touch of whimsy and undeniable drama to his sleek, dark suit, perfectly capturing the essence of the "Garden of Time" theme with a futuristic twist.



His outfit, with its floral embroidery and a touch of regal flair from the pearl collar, struck a perfect balance between understated elegance and playful experimentation. But let's not forget the mane! His expertly styled hair added another layer of polish to the entire look. Here's hoping some hairstylist secrets get spilled soon, because that level of coiff perfection deserves its own standing ovation.



He embraced a classic gent aesthetic in a Thom Browne tweed suit, but his hair is where the real innovation took place. His natural curls were meticulously groomed into a short, defined style with a clean fade on the sides. This combination offered the perfect balance - it maintained the texture and character of his curls while achieving a polished look that complemented the tailored suit. 



Ditching the usual tuxedo routine, he opted for a whimsical, two-toned Dior suit in dove gray that whispered "Garden of Time" magic. But the real star of the show? His signature curls, of course! Styled naturally with their full, bouncy volume on display, they added a touch of effortless cool that perfectly complemented the suit's understated elegance. 



This year, he went full-on "celestial prince" in a dazzling white, jewel-encrusted suit that shimmered under the lights. But the real genius move? The way his icy blonde buzz cut absolutely completed the entire look. It wasn't just a haircut, it was a statement. The platinum shade echoed the celestial theme. It was a masterclass in how a seemingly simple hairstyle can elevate an entire ensemble to legendary status.


So there you have it, gents! From Bad Bunny's theatrical beret to Lil Nas X's ice-blonde buzz cut, the 2024 Met Gala red carpet was a testament to the power of a statement hairstyle. Whether you're craving a classic cut with a modern twist or a bold, avant-garde look, this year's Gala offered endless inspiration. So, take a leap, experiment with some texture, and don't be afraid to let your mane be the mane attraction!

Written by Savannah Nethken

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