MagicSense® Diffuser


Parlux ALYON®is the new preference for professional hairdryers, designed to offer professionals the maximum in terms of performance, light weight, long life and usage without limiting in any way the creativity of thehairdresser.

Parlux MagicSense®is the special diffuser that revolutionizes how you dry curls and style hair, to obtain anatural effectquickly and withoutmessing upyour hair.

Itsideal sizeand the distribution of openings have been designed to help hairdressers by creating the perfect combination of temperature and air flow, which leads tostyling and natural curls in less timeby quickly drying the roots without dehydrating the tips (thus reducing frizz).

The special innovative design, with an external cover withanti-heating system, makes it more comfortable to use, so hairdressers can easily handle the diffuser withoutburning themselves.

Additionally, the 15 special massaging prongsprovide a pleasant, stimulating sensation on the customers skin.

The MagicSense®Diffuser has arapid hook onfor the Parlux ALYON®and the Parlux ADVANCE®models. Theadaptable ring, included in the package, allows to use the diffuser on all the Parlux professional hairdryers (excluding the Parlux 3500 and the Parlux 385 models).

    • The best diffuser I have ever used
    • Outstanding temperature/air flow ratio
    • Does not mess up styled hair
    • Quick, natural styling
    • Quickly dries the roots without dehydrating the tips
    • Large size for quick drying
    • Easy to handle because it does not overheat